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The Story

In 2016, Cindie met Lila Ghising, an inspiring Nepali woman who had spent her life seeking to rescue and raise vulnerable Nepali children.  Lila was unable to go to school as a child due to the poverty of her family.  Her playmates would disappear over time, and Lila felt left out because she was told they were going to another place for school.  She learned in time that they were being trafficked.  Knowing she was protected from the same fate for a reason, Lila determined to use her life's energy to create a home where children could be safe, loved and educated.  Thus was formed the Women's Protection Center in Hetauda, Nepal.

In addition to creating a home for children, the center does outreach education projects in surrounding villages.  They also provide support to vulnerable children in those places.

Vocational training programs are also offered through WPC. This helps women develop their own small business, thereby decreasing life risks associated with poverty.


WPC Nepal Safehome in Hetauda
This home was built with funds raised in part by clients of Midwife Seattle (now Generations Pregnancy Care). In 2018, Cindie was able to visit the home itself. She now meets with the director online often and can vouch for the staff's selfless care for others.

Join our "14 for Freedom" campaign! 

Do you ever feel you have too little to make a difference?  Friends of Generations Pregnancy Care are making numerous small donations to the Women's Protection Center in Nepal.  Collectively, we are able to make a large impact in both preventing trafficking and restoring those who have been trafficked.  Please consider making a donation of $14* today! 



(*or any amount ending in the number 4, such as $4 or $104)   

Restore a generation.

Help heal the world.

Nepali girls
Sound of Freedom

Learn more about human trafficking.

Directed by Alejandro Monteverde, this film shines a light on the dark reality of child trafficking. It's based on the true story of a federal agent who, after saving a boy from traffickers, then embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue the boy's sister. Film critics have applauded Sound of Freedom for its compelling storytelling and powerful performances. It is both inspiring and impactful.
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