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Happy Pregnant Woman

Personalized Prenatal Care

Medical care including labs, ultrasound, screening tests and education.  Family-friendly. Ideal for those desiring a less medical setting for care or who are undecided about birth site. 

  • In-person visits.  Customized schedule.

  • Family-friendly.  Children welcome.

  • Promoting healthy mindset for labor and birth.

  • Assistance in finding best birth site for you.

  • Assistance in developing a birth team (provider, doulas, community support).

  • Easy email and phone access to your provider.

  • Care up to 32 weeks pregnancy; all medical records forwarded to birth provider.


Limited OB ultrasound with written report.

  • Types of scans include early pregnancy, viability, fetal position, fetal sex, amniotic fluid index, biophysical profile.

  • Family-friendly.

  • Written medical report for your provider.

  • Self-referral.

Early Pregnancy Ultrasound

Miscarriage Support

For those with history of miscarriage, diagnosis of incomplete miscarriage, or bleeding in early pregnancy with concern of miscarriage.

  • Attentive listening to your concerns.

  • Diagnostic ultrasound and labs.

  • Management options and referral if needed.

  • Strategies for miscarriage prevention.

  • Post-miscarriage support.


Clinical Consultations

Supplemental to your current prenatal care.

  • Virtual or in-person visits.

  • Your priorities and questions are addressed.

  • Learn more about your changing body, nutrition, mind/body connection, risk reduction, birth options, birth planning, preparation for parenthood.

Pregnant Woman Guide

Group Prenatal Care (Pilot Project)

Join group of expectant moms at similar stages in pregnancy.  Schedule is: 10-min check-in, 30-min teaching and Q&A,10-min individualized physical assessments. Medical care includes lab collection, ultrasound referral, brief physical exam (blood pressure, fetal growth and heartbeat).  Group will give feedback and ideas for improving on current systems for providing prenatal care.

  • Develop supportive networks.

  • Group meets every four weeks for education topic and Q&A.  Appointments occur immediately after group meeting.

  • Easy email and phone access to your provider.

  • Discounts on other services at Generations Pregnancy Care.

  • Medical care available up to 32 weeks pregnancy; all medical records forwarded to birth provider.  Group may continue to meet through 6 weeks postpartum.

  • This group is also open to those receiving medical care elsewhere.  In that case, you may use your individual appointment time for consultation.

Pregnancy Support Group
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